Willis Raburu: From Fetching Water For Students to A Millionaire Journalist

The life story of Willis Raburu is not only intriguing but also serves as a source of inspiration. As one of Kenya’s most prominent media personalities, Raburu has carved a niche for himself through his widely acclaimed “10 Over 10” show on Citizen TV. Despite being raised in a well-off family, Raburu’s path to success was far from smooth.

Born on April 1, 1987, in Kano, Nyando District, Kisumu County, Willis Raburu is the third and last son of the renowned former Provincial Commissioner, Peter Raburu, who has since become a pastor in Kisumu County.

Raburu commenced his education at the prestigious Aga Khan Primary School in Kisumu before transitioning to Chemelil Academy Mixed High School, a boarding school where he exhibited his entrepreneurial spirit by offering water-fetching services to fellow students during times of scarcity.

Post-high school, Raburu enrolled at Moi University Eldoret, where he pursued a Bachelor’s degree in Information Science – Media, contrary to his father’s initial wish for him to study IT. Concealing the truth until his graduation in 2010, Raburu revealed his chosen field, leaving his father surprised. Currently, he is furthering his education by pursuing a master’s degree at USIU University.

Embarking on his journalistic journey, Raburu undertook an internship at Media Max (K24) while still in his third year at the university. With determination and divine favor, he secured a position at Citizen TV immediately after graduating in October 2010. At the age of 24, Raburu’s employment at Citizen Television was a pivotal moment in his life, challenging the belief that one needed influential connections to secure a role in a reputable organization.

In terms of financial success, online sources report that Raburu’s monthly salary at Citizen TV amounts to Kes 700,000, inclusive of allowances. Additionally, he generates income from his work at Royal Media, where he is involved in both television and radio. Raburu also owns an entertainment company, Bazu Entertainment, and has established himself as a hype man and event organizer.

Raburu’s wealth is evident in his luxurious lifestyle, residing in an opulent house in one of Nairobi’s upscale estates. His car collection includes prestigious brands such as BMW, Lexus, Mercedes Benz, and Subaru.

While Raburu faced challenges in his marital life, he has now found stability with Ivy Namu, and the couple welcomed two children by 2022. Prior to this, he went through a divorce with his first wife, Mary Prude, in 2020, citing internal disputes as the cause. Despite the hurdles, Willis Raburu continues to shine in his professional and personal life, leaving an indelible mark in the media industry.