It was the devil's work" - Man Caught Sodomizing Two Pupils.
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“It was the devil’s work” – Man Caught Sodomizing Two Pupils.

The primary school teacher identified as Ebenezer Olawuyi was arrested in Ibadan, Oyo state after hee was accused of sodomizing his male pupils.

The 30-year-old Ebenezer confessed to committing the crime and was paraded at the police headquarters in Eleyele, Ibadan, on Thursday, April 22.

Defending himself, the man blamed the devil for leading him to commit the despicable act and said that he only sidomized two pupils.

“It was just two times I did it. They are my students. I had sex through the anus with one of two of my students on different occasions. I don’t have a wife.”


“I am a private primary school teacher. I called the last victim to my house to help me collate scripts while I slept with the second one in the classroom before school hours.”

“I told them that I want to have sex with them and they didn’t argue. Both of them are between the ages of 11 and 14. I told them not to tell their parents because it has health benefits for them.”

“I think it is the devil. I don’t know what led me to this. I just lost my dad last week. I want the government to help me out of this,” he said.

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