D+, D and D- Top Marketable Courses In Kenya, 2023 -

D+, D and D- Top Marketable Courses In Kenya, 2023

A grade of D+, D, or D- may result in rejection of your application as a government-sponsored student to a Kenyan higher education institution. However, this does not mean your academic journey must come to a halt. There are many alternative paths you can take with your grade that lead to a successful career.

We understand that receiving a lower grade can be discouraging, but we want to assure you that there are still opportunities for you to reach your goals. In Kenya, there are competitive courses available for students with D-, D, and D+ grades. With determination and hard work, you can progress towards higher education and achieve your dreams.

In this article, we will provide you with a comprehensive list of the best courses you can consider if you have received a D+, D, or D- grade. Your KCSE grade should not be a barrier to your success, and with the right course, you can find fulfillment in your career. So, take this chance to find the right course that suits you and invest your energy and effort into it.

In Kenya, there are a number of good D- courses (as well as D and D+) for students interested in electrical and electronics engineering, baking technology, building and civil engineering. Among the courses are:

  • Artisan in electrical installation 
  • Certificate in electrical and electronics engineering (power option) 
  • Certificate in electrical and electronics engineering (telecommunication option) modular 
  • Artisan in baking technology 
  • Artisan in masonry 

KCSE D+ courses in Kenya 

Among the KASNEB courses available to D+ students is a Certificate in Accounting and Management Skills (CAMS). Although D+ diploma courses were previously available in Kenya, many institutions are now offering advanced certificate and certificate courses, as shown below.

  • Advanced certificate in business administration 
  • Certificate in business information technology 
  • Advanced certificate in supplies management 
  • Certificate in computer engineering Certificate in computer technology 
  • Advanced Certificate in computer technology 
  • Certificate in system technical support 
  • Advanced Certificate in information technology 
  • Certificate in information technology 
  • Advanced Certificate in computer hardware and network support 
  • Certificate in civil engineering 
  • Advanced certificate in software development 
  • Certificate in fire engineering 
  • Certificate in electrical installation technician 
  • Certificate in applied electronics 
  • Certificate in computer servicing and maintenance (CSM) technician 
  • Certificate in technology options (airframes and engines, avionics, and helicopters maintenance) 
  • Certificate in architectural draughtsmanship 
  • Certificate in science laboratory technology 
  • Certificate in food technology 
  • Certificate in environmental studies 
  • Certificate in nutrition and dietetics 
  • Certificate in health records and information technology 
  • Certificate in library studies 
  • Certificate in archives and records management 
  • Certificate in counselling psychology 
  • Certificate in disaster management 

KCSE D plain courses in Kenya 

D plain students can sit for KNEC certificate courses. They include: 

  • Certificate in human resource management 
  • Certificate in social work and community development 
  • Certificate in business management 
  • Certificate in sales and marketing. 
  • Certificate in electrical and electronics engineering (power option) 
  • Certificate in electrical and electronics engineering (telecommunication option) modular 
  • Certificate in food and beverage 
  • Certificate in baking technology 
  • Certificate in information technology (modular) 
  • Certificate in human resource management (modular) 
  • Certificate in supply chain management (modular) 
  • Certificate in business management (modular) 
  • Certificate in building technology 
  • Certificate in plumbing 
  • Certificate in carpentry and joinery 
  • Certificate in science laboratory technology 

 You’ve got it now. Kenya’s best D+, D-, and D plain courses. The courses teach students the skills they need to start their own businesses.

D- courses in Kenya may be the starting point for your pursuit of higher education, but they should not be the final destination.

‘Using this guide, you can look up some of the institutions that offer certificate courses in Kenya and apply for admission.

D+, D and D- Marketable Courses In Kenya, 2023