Esther Musila Reveals Why She Won’t Get Pregnant For Guardian Angel

“Sipati mimba!” declares Esther Musila, as Guardian Angel wholeheartedly embraces his wife’s decision not to have children.

The captivating love story of Kenyan celebrity couple Esther Musila and Guardian Angel has touched the hearts of many, yet their stance on family planning has ignited passionate discussions and debates.

Esther Musila, a thriving businesswoman and a mother to children from a previous marriage, has recently shed light on her choice not to expand her family with Guardian Angel. In a heartfelt message to her admirers and the public, she firmly asserts that her family is already complete, and she earnestly calls for respect towards her personal decisions.

Despite their notable age difference, the couple’s love story has been a wellspring of inspiration for countless individuals, challenging conventional societal expectations and norms. Nevertheless, Esther Musila has grown increasingly exasperated by the ceaseless inquiries and pressures to extend her family.

In a prior interview, Guardian Angel and Esther Musila shared their perspective on parenthood, expressing, “Children are a divine blessing. A child is an added blessing, and whether or not we are blessed with one, our love will remain steadfast.”

Guardian Angel, being a pillar of support for his wife, aligns himself with her sentiments. He encourages their devoted fans to honor her choice and to focus on the affirmative aspects of their journey as a couple.