Stivo Simple Boy Announces He Is Single After Wife Became Pregnant by Another Man

Stivo Simple Boy, the acclaimed Kenyan musician celebrated for his distinctive style and honest storytelling through his music, has recently shared details about his current romantic situation.

The singer, known for his chart-topping tracks like “Mihadarati” and “Inauma But Itabidi Uzoee,” has opened up about his love life, confirming that he is currently unattached and not rushing into a new relationship.

This revelation follows Stivo’s previous involvement with Grace Atieno, whom he introduced during his father’s funeral in February 2023. Their relationship, lasting over five months, took an unexpected turn when Stivo discovered a surprising truth – Atieno was expecting a child from another man.

Despite this revelation, Stivo chose to support her throughout her pregnancy and the subsequent birth of the child in January.

However, their relationship came to an end when Stivo learned the true paternity of the child.

“I was surprised that I lived with her, and she didn’t ask me to give the baby a name. That’s when things took a turn for the worse,” Stivo told TUKO.co.ke.

Regarding his current romantic status, Stivo Simple Boy has decided to take a hiatus from dating. He stressed the importance of finding a partner who embodies qualities such as loyalty, honesty, openness, and understanding.

Moreover, he disclosed his preference for a partner who is employed.

“These days, it’s all about mutual support. If I pay the rent, she buys the food,” he remarked.