Fans Praise Bernice Saroni For Helping Edday Nderitu's Children Join School in USA -

Fans Praise Bernice Saroni For Helping Edday Nderitu’s Children Join School in USA

Bernice Saroni’s Support for Edday Nderitu’s and Samidoh’s Children’s Education Draws Acclaim

Bernice Saroni has garnered widespread praise from admirers for her instrumental role in facilitating the enrollment of Edday Nderitu’s and Samidoh’s children in schools within the United States. Bernice’s close friendship with Edday blossomed after the latter’s relocation from Kenya to America.

In a heartwarming video shared by Bernice, the children of both Edday and Samidoh can be seen donning matching school uniforms, a touching sight that symbolizes their educational journey together. Notably, Bernice divulged that Shirleen Muchoki, the elder daughter of the renowned Mugithi artist, is poised to commence her studies in Grade 8. Meanwhile, Michael, her younger brother, is eagerly preparing to embark on his educational journey in Grade 2 at their new school.

The reactions from fans have been effusive:

@KAIRETU KA WANJIRA 🌹: “Let’s come together as Team Edday Nderitu and express our heartfelt gratitude to God for every blessing. We are overjoyed. 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏.”

@catemwende599: “@Mamakeboyzofficial, kindly provide a paybill number or contact for us to contribute. This is a prime example of true friendship. Well done, Mama.”

@Rose Ngigi: “Such warmth and love emanate from your actions. May God continue to shower you with blessings, dear mother, for your exceptional deeds. 💓💓💞.”

@Wanjiku Ngari: “What an exceptional friend you are! May God bless you even more. People of your caliber are indeed rare to find!”

@LiLiana-Riana: “You epitomize the essence of an authentic and devoted friend. May God bless you, dear mama to these boys. 😍.”

@Juliet: “Bernice, may blessings from above rain down upon you. You’ve held Edday’s hand through thick and thin, and now, witness how the children are beginning this new chapter. 👏.”

Edday, along with her children, embarked on her journey to the United States on May 2nd. In subsequent weeks, she chose to unfollow Samidoh on Instagram, sparking concerns about the state of their relationship. In July, Edday Nderitu disclosed that she decided to end the relationship to allow her husband to be available for whoever required his support the most.

Edday went on to reveal that her husband and his partner, nominated senator Karen Nyamu, displayed distressing behavior, prompting her to safeguard her children, particularly her teenage daughter, from the toxic environment they were exposed to.