“Wanaume Brown-Skinned Wanakaa chihuahua” Nowadays They Are Even Using Makeup Like Women;Mammito claims

Comedian Eunice Mammito recently shared her perspective on dating preferences during an appearance on Dr. Ofweneke’s show on TV47 station on the evening of November 29, 2022.

As part of the show’s entertainment segment, Mammito engaged in a playful game where she had to make choices between two suggested celebrities, aiming to uncover the qualities she values in a man.

In the first round, Mammito had to decide between renowned actors Kagwe Mungai and Luwi Capello. Her choice was Kagwe, and she humorously mentioned, “I choose Kagwe. I don’t fancy brown skins.”

Playfully defending her choice, Mammito associated certain characteristics with brown-skinned men, describing them as crybabies who use makeup and mascara excessively. She playfully remarked on their morning rituals, expressing amusement at their eyebrow coloring habits.

Moving on to the second category, Mammito had to choose between journalist Mark Masai and model Sean Andrew. Swiftly opting for Kibaki’s grandson, she quipped, “If I have Andrew’s money, I can keep Masai.”

When faced with the decision between musicians Khaligraph Jones and Willy Paul, Mammito chose Khaligraph for security reasons, stating, “Khaligraph, without a doubt. For security. He is a man who nobody can cause trouble when I am with him. Willy has issues. He is going through a lot of things,” adding a humorous touch to her selection process.