Sad: Am In Jail For A Crime I Didn't Commit - 50-year-old Nairobi Woman Says.
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Sad: Am In Jail For A Crime I Didn’t Commit – 50-year-old Nairobi Woman Says.

Stella Njeri in an interview with Inooro TV narrated the emotional story of how her family fixed her in a crime she did not commit.

The Nairobi woman was sentenced to a four years jail term after one of her employers nephew took over the job as head of company.

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She alleged that the young man would sell one piece of land to more than one customer and then later formed a deadly gang by the name `Kamjeshi ya Nairobi ‘ where they would scout for abandoned land in Lucky Summer area and sell to unsuspecting Kenyans.

Stella, who worked as a sales representative at the said company unknowingly sold two of the grabbed lands in 2016 and his boss sold the same piece to another customer.

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The former buyer sued Stella for fraud and she was convicted and sentenced to 4 years jail term and sent to Lang’ata women’s prison.

Stella said that her employers should be the one in prison instead of her seeing that she is suffering for a crime she did not commit.

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She added that she misses her family and friends andd also regrets the fact that some of her close friends have deserted her labeling her a dangerous criminal.

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