Nuru Okanga: Nimeona Maajabu kenya! Nyapwetho Ya Nyako Inatoshana Mguu ya Ng’ombe grade

A segment of online personalities and Kenyan citizens has had the opportunity to view the widely circulated video featuring the TikToker, Nyako. The leaked footage has sparked a collective response among Kenyans, with virtually everyone expressing their opinions on the matter….CONTINUE READING

While a considerable number of comments are unfavorable, characterized by trolling and criticism directed at Nyako’s private parts, some have remarked that the content was unexpected and not in line with their perceptions.

Among those who witnessed the video is Nuru Okanga, a prominent supporter of the Azimio La Umoja movement. Judging from his comments, it is evident that he found the video highly objectionable. Okanga expressed his shock at the content, deeming it a significant disgrace to Nyako. He went further to criticize her, likening her private parts to those of a cow. The video, which is available for viewing, serves as a testament to Okanga’s sentiments.

Okanga continued to assert that Nyako’s actions reflect poorly on the Luo Community, urging her to improve her behavior and assume a role model status, ceasing such actions. The video has rapidly gained traction and continues to circulate online. Nyako, on the other hand, has chosen not to respond, acknowledging the incident and expressing a lack of control over its dissemination.