What a shock?Did Jose Chameleon Sacrifice his brother to Illuminati

Uganda’s showbiz king and one of  the wealthiest musician in East Africa Jose Chameleone has come out gun blazing to deny claims linking him to illuminati.

The claims come just a few days after he bade farewell to his fallen younger brother AK 47, whose death has elicited a lot of questions.
Earlier this month the ‘Tubonge’ hit maker grabbed headlines in Uganda after the prosecutor reopened a murder case in which an intruder, Robert Karamagi, was burnt to death at Chameleone’s house three years ago.
A section of the public was quick to refer to Karamagi’s death as an act of human sacrifice, but Chameleone insisted he was a thief who set himself a blaze upon being discovered.
The allegations of cult activity had gone silent but were reignited by the recent death of Chameleone’s younger brother AK 47 who was buried last week. They are now claiming that that is why chameleon never helped in lowering the coffin  to the grave as customs demand.

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