Kenyans in shock as kitchen CCTV captures househelp urinating in cup

A pair of CCTV clips depicting a househelp urinating in her employer’s kitchen has stirred strong reactions among Kenyan viewers. These videos, originally posted on TikTok by the user IamErastus, were apparently recorded on July 17, 2023, at 5:57 am.

In the first clip, the camera is positioned within the kitchen, capturing the view of the door leading outside. The househelp is seen standing near the sink, suddenly reaching for a cup among the clean dishes, and crouching while holding the cup.

She proceeds to lift her skirt and urinate into the cup, repeating this action three times before pouring the content into the kitchen sink. Afterward, she rinses the cup and returns it to its place. The househelp then grabs a kitchen towel, bending down to clean the spill on the floor caused during her urination.

The clip concludes after 1 minute and 17 seconds, leaving Kenyans shocked and disturbed, as they contemplate the possibility of similar incidents happening elsewhere.

The second video, also captured by the CCTV, displays the house manager resuming her regular duties, washing all the dirty dishes in the sink.

This shocking incident has sparked various reactions from viewers, with some expressing their disbelief and others sharing their thoughts on the matter:

  1. @Bad_OneLine_Man: “Wueh! Ukiishi na house manager kama huyu, urine a lot of trouble…”
  2. @Byron__3: “Makosa ni ya mwenye nyumba. How do you hire someone and put them straight to work? They need at least one week of orientation. One week to ease into the new family, considering the fact that she’s a live-in maid.”
  3. @irushiscky: “Kwani hakuwa Ata na suruali 😂 anyway sharp Kenyans know it’s a video to advertise secret cameras 😁😁 the seller will come somewhere along the comments.”
  4. @albertbettere: “The Wife: ‘Mbona hizi vikombe zinatoka rangi haraka hivi?’ Mboch: ‘Nivyenye nasugua vizuri.'”
  5. @Jepchumb_a: “I think hii nyumba ni kubwa. Akaona kitaambo afike kususuu kwa washroom ni Mbali…heri akojoe akimwaga kwa sink…shida kurinse cup na maji ya mboga 😡😡.”
  6. @kennytigs: “Mimi nimekwama hapa Kwa kuhold, kwani wamama wanaeza zima mkojo Kama tap na wafungulie tena.”
  7. @MSwtkiller: “Seems amepour kwa sink na akaongeza maji iflush 😹.”

These reactions reflect the shock, humor, and discussions that have arisen from the shocking footage, raising questions about household management, privacy, and ethical considerations.