Nairobi woman looking for a man to Marry, must be a one-minute man

A 25-year-old woman is challenging societal norms by actively seeking a partner with less-than-ideal bedroom skills. In an honest revelation to, the woman expressed her weariness of experiencing failed relationships and her determination to find a connection that goes beyond mere physical attraction. Her desire is to have a relationship where exclusivity is paramount, and she doesn’t have to share her partner with anyone else.

Declaring her fatigue with conventional love, she stated, “I want something that will be mine and mine alone. I’m not ready to share my man with anyone; I want what’s exclusively mine.” This unconventional stance is rooted in her observation of numerous relationships breaking down due to infidelity. Rather than placing emphasis on physical prowess, she prioritizes communication, trust, and shared values as the foundational elements of a strong and enduring connection.

The woman firmly believes that a robust emotional bond forms the bedrock for a relationship that can withstand the test of time. By prioritizing emotional connection over mere physical satisfaction, she aims to build a foundation that surpasses fleeting desires and cultivates a deeper, more meaningful partnership.

Acknowledging the societal norm she is challenging, she remains undeterred and hopeful that her unconventional approach will lead her to the genuine and lasting connection that has eluded her in past relationships. As she embarks on this unique journey to find love, she is determined to break free from traditional expectations and create a relationship that aligns with her values and aspirations.