74-Year-Old Woman Gives Birth To Twins, Breaks Record For World’s Oldest Mother

A woman from southern India may have broken a world record by giving birth to twins in her mid-70s. Mangayamma Yaramati, believed to be either 73 or 74 years old, delivered two girls through C-section after undergoing in vitro fertilization. This marks Yaramati’s first children in her 57-year marriage to her 80-year-old husband Sitarama Rajarao. Although Yaramati’s age has not been officially verified, a birth certificate stating her age as 74 would make her the world’s oldest mother.

The IVF process began after the husband’s sperm was tested and cleared for use. The first cycle was successful in November and December, with Yaramati conceiving in January. Despite some medical concerns about her age, the doctors performed a C-section as a normal delivery was not deemed safe. The babies will be fed with milk and not breastmilk, according to the head doctor.

However, the experience was not without challenges. A day after giving birth, Rajarao suffered a stroke and was still receiving treatment in the hospital.

The births have sparked controversy in India’s medical community, with some experts opposing IVF for someone of Yaramati’s age. Regardless of whether the births set a world record, they have certainly generated a lot of attention.