Man says his business was an on and off as it never had a uniform profit making pattern but after he did this, he enjoyed being an entrepreneur

Being an entrepreneur can be quite frustrating for the soft hearted people and especially when
you run a business that barely pays you back. It gets even more frustrating when you are trying
to explain to your rural folk why you cannot get a normal job. No matter what business you are
into, entrepreneurship is never smooth sail. Alfred a Nairobi business person based in South B
area had ventured into whole sale business.

Things were really tough in his business as he said
as it really took some difficult time for his business to have that business rhythm of bringing in
profits. He says he thought just by establishing any kind of business, customers would just flock
the business but this was not the case as he had really been facing some difficult time in his
“Most of the times I was a frustrated business person with how my business was yielding profits in a
slow way. The profit that I was to make in one week was being accounted after a month, something that
really worried me if I was in business or just wasting my ample time. I even regretted why I had not been
into a formal job instead of doing such a sluggish business,” he told our source.

He added at some time
he was not making any sale from his business, something that had really been frustrating him most of
the times. He was such a jealous business person as he would see his competitors make huge steps into
their businesses most of the times.

After a long spell of operating a frustrating business, he came through a herbalist and a traditional
doctor by the name Dr Mugwenu through his popular website where he
had helped a lot of business persons make it in business through his extra-ordinary spells. Dr Mugwenu
casted successful business spells to him. To add on that he told him that he exercises doctor-

patient confidentiality and neither his records, files nor identity would be shared to a third
party nor made public unless on his own volition if he decided to give a testimony. After
sometimes of operating his business, there was a flow in his business activities as he was able
to make profits and compete with other businesses. He opted for something higher and opened
a mini supermarket as they was flow money.

Mugwenu doctors, for instance, say one of their greatest attributes is distance healing. They
will work together with you, but detachment sis the key to success during this healing process.
You must be in quiet place and detach yourself from everything around you. This is very
important because your body must connect with the healing elements.

He heals pressure, diabetes ulcers, gonorrhea, syphilis, TB, manhood weakness among other
things. The doctor also solves life challenges such as love issues, family problems, hardships in
business, increases your luck, which is winning lottery games and court cases, promotion at
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