Gay Curvy Tiktoker Chokuu Addresses HIV Rumours And Other Issues With Nyako

In a recent TikTok conversation between Nyako and the well-known gay activist Chokuu, Chokuu addressed persistent rumors about his HIV status and provided insights into various aspects of his life.

Nyako and the prominent gay activist Chokuu have been engaging and captivating their viewers with their live broadcasts on TikTok. Their unique partnership, once marred by legal disputes, has piqued the interest of a broad audience.

One of the most impactful moments during their live session occurred when Chokuu took a firm stance against the prevalent stigma surrounding HIV/AIDS within the context of his sexual orientation.

Chokuu did not mince words, openly criticizing those who had consistently cautioned him about the risks of contracting HIV due to his sexual orientation. He emphatically emphasized that HIV does not discriminate based on sexual orientation and can affect anyone, regardless of their sexual preferences.

Furthermore, Chokuu refuted claims about his poor health, underscoring his commitment to embracing the present moment rather than dwelling on uncertainties about the future.

He expressed, “For now, we must live in the present. In ten years, we’ll face whatever comes our way, even if it means dealing with challenges like wearing diapers. Perhaps we’ll be retired by then. I’ve been on this journey for over two decades, and I’m still here, standing strong.”

“I have embraced my true self and am living life on my own terms. If death comes, so be it. While I am alive, let me live,” he candidly admitted. Chokuu also revealed a personal aspect of his identity, confirming that he identifies as a woman and has never engaged in sexual relations with women.