Willy Paul: Why I Quitted Gospel Music and I Don’t Go To Church.

Willy Paul, once hailed as the gospel music icon of Kenya, showcased immense talent and unwavering faith as a devout Christian. His presence in the gospel scene significantly influenced the youth, drawing them closer to the church and elevating gospel music above secular tunes in Kenya.

However, the winds of change began to stir around Willy Paul in 2016, marking the onset of his departure from the gospel genre. With dwindling options, by 2018, he officially bid farewell to gospel music, embracing the secular realm where he found remarkable success.

In an interview with Willy Tuva, Willy Paul shed light on his disillusionment with the gospel music industry, citing rampant hypocrisy and obstacles hindering his progress. He recounted instances where bishops and religious figures failed to honor their financial commitments, creating a toxic environment for artists. Faced with jealousy and despair, Willy Paul contemplated drastic measures before ultimately deciding to transition to secular music.

Willy emphasized that while he has distanced himself from formal church attendance, his spiritual connection with God remains steadfast. Despite his divergence from organized religion, he maintains a deep reverence for his faith and acknowledges the guidance of his spiritual mentor. He adamantly denies any involvement in substance abuse, asserting that he is simply pursuing a path that aligns with his personal well-being and convictions.