Accountant in trouble for stealing KSh10.6M from employees to fund His lavish wedding

An accountant employed at Dinson Iron and Steel Company in Manhize, Mvuma, Zimbabwe, found himself in legal trouble due to his scheme of embezzling funds from his colleagues to finance his extravagant lifestyle.

Nigel Nhamo, aged 33, was apprehended following allegations that he unlawfully obtained US$80,000 by tampering with payroll records, deducting sums from fellow employees’ salaries. His motive reportedly included financing opulent expenditures, notably his extravagant wedding ceremony.

The case unfolded in the Mvuma Magistrates Court, where Nhamo faced charges of theft. According to Crime Watch Zimbabwe, the prosecution asserts that between July 2023 and April 2024, Nhamo, in his capacity as the company’s accountant, manipulated payroll and timekeeping records provided by the Human Resources Department. He allegedly altered the records to siphon off varying amounts from individual employees’ accounts.

Subsequently, Nhamo purportedly transmitted the modified payroll to the bank, directing them to transfer the misappropriated sums from employees’ accounts into his personal bank accounts.

The aggregate amount of funds unlawfully obtained tallied up to USD 80,000.

Notably, in December 2023, Nhamo and his spouse commemorated their union with an extravagant wedding ceremony, followed by a luxurious honeymoon in South Africa.