Inooro’s Jeff Kuria Finally Speaks On Dating His Mpango Wa Kando ‘Shix Kapienga’

“I do not know her any other way, and Shixs and I have never been romantically involved,” stated Inooro FM moderator Jeff Kuria, refuting rumors of a romantic relationship with TV personality Shix Kapienga.

Jeff addressed the speculation through his YouTube channel, providing insight into their acquaintance. He mentioned their first meeting in 2010 at the National Theatre and subsequent encounters at Royal Media Services. Emphasizing their connection as simply that of companions and friends, Jeff clarified, “I don’t know her any other way; Shixs and I have never been romantically involved.”

When questioned about her relationship status during a meeting with Jeff, Shix Kapienga responded that she is patiently waiting for God’s timing in her romantic life. She expressed a nonchalant attitude, stating, “It’s God’s plan; if he (a man) comes, he will come; if not, it’s okay.” She also commented on the challenges of dating in Nairobi, highlighting the difficulty of discerning true intentions, saying, “Nairobi is terrible; you can’t just talk to anyone. You might assume you are talking to someone, yet you are talking to yourself.”

Shix Kapienga further addressed the notion that being in the public eye may make people wary of approaching her romantically. She acknowledged that at times, it might affect her dating life, explaining, “Sometimes, yeah. Sometimes you might find you are not in the dating phase. Other times, you find you cannot date some people, so you just friend zone them.”