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Hilarious! Fake pastor KANYARI and Rev. LUCY NATASHA are related – Hii kitu iko kwa Damu

Scandalous city evangelist, Victor Kanyari, who is the founder of the prosperity gospel in Kenya, is a relative of dubious city preacher Reverend Lucy Natasha of Oracle Church.

As claimed by very well positioned sources, Kanyari’s mom, Prophetess Nduta, who was imprisoned at some point back for defrauding Kenyans through fake miracles, is an elder sister to Reverend Lucy Natasha’s mom, Pastor Wanjiru.

This makes Kanyari and Reverend Lucy Natasha cousins without doubts.

Kanyari and Reverend Lucy Natasha were introduced into the flourishing industry of selling anointed oil and performing fake miracles by their mothers Pastor Wanjiru and Prophetess Nduta.

Natasha’s mom, Pastor Wanjiru, runs a church in Kawangware where she peddles fake miracles to higgest bidder bidder, while Kanyari’s mom, Prophetess Nduta, actually runs a church in Nairobi CBD in spite of the fact that her fortunes dwindled after she was imprisoned.

Just like Kanyari, Reverend Natasha is a rogue minister who flourishes in brainwashing kenyans.

She empties her congregant’s pockets through prosperity gospel and false promises