I will never stop posting SAMIDOH and my family – KAREN NYAMU declares

Karen Nyamu Hints At Vying For Nairobi Senatorial Position- Does She Stand A Chance?

City Politician Cum lawyer, Karen Nyamu has declared her interest in running for Nairobi’s Senatorial position come 2022 General Elections.

The controversial lawyer has been hitting news headlines since last year and her decision to vie will attract fireworks in the hotly contested seat.

As it is said, politics is a dirty game and since she is already dirtly controversial, then this might be a golden chance for her to clentch the position.

She might however loose the seat if she let’s fame decide for her, she should not let the controversies do the campaigns for her.

Just because she is Samidoh’s baby mama doesn’t give her the ultimate pass to the higher office.

But as we already know by now, Kenyans will remain to be Kenyans and if Karen decides to vie, she can even opt for social media and use the platform to her benefits.

However, Ms Nyamu should not get it twisted, Kenyans can hugely disappoint her and come 2022, be met with a rude shock of a combined vote of less than a thousand individuals.