“Alikuwa Ananipea Strokes Vizuri” Justina Syokau Reveals The Mistake That Cost Her Ringtone

Justina Syokau asserts that she was not the initiator of the romantic interest between her and the self-proclaimed chair of gospel music, Ringtone, whose real name is Alex Apoko.

According to her, Ringtone was the one who initiated the connection by reaching out through blogs after noticing her trending in 2022. Justina claims that they had mutual feelings for each other, but Ringtone’s withdrawal ensued when she publicly acknowledged their relationship, a move that seemingly unnerved him.

In her own words, she stated, “Ringtone mimi sikumtaka. Tukiingia 2022, Ringtone akaona natrend. Akaambia bloggers nyinyi kujeni niwapikie. Ambieni Justina nampenda. Lakini wakati mimi nilikuja nikasema yes in public ikakuwa tu ati mimi nimesema sasa Ringtone akajitoa, Ringtone mjanja. Ringtone ambia wakenya ukweli we are in love we were together, kwani anakuanga shy in public?”

Despite her initial interest, Justina revealed that she is no longer pursuing a relationship with the gospel singer because she has found a billionaire.

“I used to love Ringtone because of his Runda house, cars, and his body. People say, a good body, for a balloon is a needle, that’s why I wanted him, but right now I don’t want a needle, I want money. I wanted a man aged 25 years old and I have found him,” she expressed.

Notably, Justina Syokau gained attention last year when she declared her love for Ringtone, expressing a desire for him to marry her. However, Ringtone rejected her advances. Recently, she hinted that she hasn’t abandoned the idea of pursuing Ringtone and implied that they might get married before the year concludes.