“Tunajua Daddy Ndiye Diamond wa Kenya, “Emabarambamba Kids praise their dad.

Chris Embarambamba, the controversial Kisii gospel singer, delighted fans by introducing his five children to the online community. The heartwarming moment was captured in a video shared on Embarambamba’s TikTok account, where his four daughters and one son stood outside their home, gathered around a cake placed on a table.

The children, after introducing themselves by name, featured Blessing Embarambamba, the eldest, delivering a brief speech expressing gratitude to their viewers. Blessing acknowledged the viewers’ love for their father and encouraged them to continue watching his videos.

The highlight of the video was the children’s rendition of their dad’s latest song, “Nataka Ninyonywe.” With enthusiasm, they sang, “Tunataka kunyonya cake, Nataka kunyonya cake,” while showcasing the celebratory cake.

The heartening family moment quickly went viral, and social media users showered praises on Embarambamba for his evident commitment to being a great father. Netizens expressed admiration for the adorable display by Embarambamba’s children, emphasizing the positive influence of their family bonds.

The comments section reflected the appreciation from fans, with remarks such as Flora Mvungu’s “Wamnyonye’s family” and Emmvie’s compliment, “So beautiful angels.” Oyline Joy noted the artistic talents in the family, saying, “Wasanii in the family. Hbd wakitaka kunyonya.” Yvonnedenis8 playfully remarked, “Birds of the same feathers.”

In addition to showcasing his family, Embarambamba has been open about his marital status in previous interviews. During an interview with TUKO.co.ke, he disclosed that he had been married since 2005. Despite facing criticism, he expressed gratitude to his wife for her unwavering support. Moreover, Embarambamba clarified that he has not embraced the LGBTQ community, dispelling any rumors or misconceptions surrounding his personal life.

Overall, the video not only revealed a heartwarming family moment but also allowed fans to glimpse into the personal life of the charismatic Kisii gospel singer, fostering a deeper connection between the artist and his audience.