shock: DJ Lastborn cause of death revealed

Regrettably, popular reggae DJ Benson Ogweno Ouma, widely known as DJ Lastborn, has passed away. According to his sister, Lillian Anyango, Lastborn died in his sleep on Friday, March 3rd, 2023 at the age of 43.

Lillian shared that she had a lovely chat with the veteran DJ on Thursday evening, and he was in great spirits before retiring for the night. She added that she had been taking care of him since he suffered a stroke in 2017 and had observed remarkable improvement in his health.

The following morning, Lillian’s son, Ian, went to check on Lastborn as he usually did, but thought he was still sleeping and went to purchase some toiletries. However, a few minutes later, the caregiver discovered that Lastborn had not moved from his sleeping position, and immediately alerted Lillian who called for medical assistance. Unfortunately, upon arrival, it was confirmed that Lastborn had passed away, and his body was taken to the Jocham Funeral Home in Mombasa.

Lillian expressed that losing her brother was painful, but she believed it was God’s will, and it was time for him to rest and no longer be in pain. DJ Lastborn had been struggling with his health for several years after suffering two strokes, with the second one affecting his speech and eyesight in 2019.