” Unyoe Makwapa” Kenyans Online Troll Eddie Butita.

Eddie Butita, the esteemed CEO of Spm Buzz and renowned comedian and scriptwriter in Kenya, recently found himself facing criticism from Kenyan social media users, particularly on Instagram. The cause of this uproar was a video he shared, showcasing his morning routine, in which observant Kenyans noticed his unshaved armpits.

As a creative individual, Butita had recently made a bold change to his appearance by embracing Remalike dreadlocks. This decision sparked a heated discussion across various social media platforms, with netizens overwhelmingly praising the new hairstyle as a perfect fit for him.

In an attempt to surprise his followers, Butita decided to reveal how his morning routine had evolved to accommodate his dreadlocks’ needs. He shared a one-minute video, intending to demonstrate how he maintains the health of his dreadlocks. However, eagle-eyed Kenyans couldn’t help but notice the state of his unshaved and unhealthy armpits.

Among the first celebrities to voice their disapproval was Mungai Eve, who called out Butita for neglecting to shave his armpits. This criticism quickly gained traction, and other comments expressing similar sentiments soon followed suit.

Given Butita’s celebrity status, maintaining personal grooming should be a simple matter for him. Numerous waxing companies would be eager to offer their services, even providing complimentary sessions, with the added benefit of potential marketing opportunities for both parties. Consequently, the lack of attention to his armpits was deemed unhygienic and unhealthy. It is expected that everyone should prioritize cleanliness in the armpit area.