Dennis Oliech: Millions Striker Would Have Made If He Switched Nationalities And Played For Qatar National Team

In 2003, the renowned footballer Dennis Oliech made a significant move from Kenya to join the Qatari side, Al-Arabi.

Oliech immersed himself in the Qatar Premier League until late 2005. Intriguingly, in 2004, he faced a remarkable proposition— a tempting offer of Ksh 800 million to alter his nationality from Kenyan to Qatari. However, he opted to decline the proposal.

One can’t help but ponder what advantages Oliech might have experienced had he chosen to change his nationality and play for the Qatar National team. Here’s what we have uncovered on this matter.

Relocating to Qatar

Oliech’s decision to move to Qatar in 2003 in pursuit of better opportunities did not unfold as smoothly as anticipated. He recounted facing significant challenges during his training in Qatar, where he was initially denied the chance to play. Expressing his struggles in an interview with Jalang’o TV, Oliech revealed spending three frustrating months in the country, only training without being granted the opportunity to participate in matches.

Despite contemplating giving up, Oliech persisted. After three months, he finally got his chance to play, albeit under a different name. The initial hardships seemed worth it as he rode the bus with the team, wore the team tracksuit, and contributed to a victory.

Ksh 890 Million Offer

Following his noteworthy performance with Al-Arabi, Oliech attracted the attention of the Qatari Football Federation. They expressed interest in him playing for the Qatar National team, necessitating a change in nationality. In a surprising turn of events, Oliech was offered a staggering Ksh 800 million to renounce his Kenyan citizenship, with just an hour to make the life-altering decision.

Despite the substantial financial allure, Oliech chose to reject the offer. Reflecting on this decision in a past interview, he expressed some regret, acknowledging the tempting nature of the offer.

Potential Perks

Had Oliech accepted the offer, he would have represented Qatar in the Qatar 2022 FIFA World Cup. Notably, FIFA paid every player Ksh 1.2 million for each day they were away from their clubs during the 2022 World Cup, according to The Athletic.

Additionally, as a player in the Qatar Stars League (QSL), Oliech would have enjoyed a monthly basic salary of Ksh 340,000 (QR 10,000), as per the 2014 salary review aimed at improving the standard of living for Qatari and naturalized citizen players.

In conclusion, Oliech’s journey to Qatar was marked by challenges, tempting financial offers, and a critical decision that could have altered the course of his career and life.