Karen Nyamu gifts Samidoh Sh420K Whiskey drink on Father’s Day

Nominated Senator Karen Nyamu recently made waves when she purchased a memorable and costly Father’s Day present for her baby daddy, Samidoh.

Nyamu posted a video of herself entering a liquor store to get a Father’s Day gift for Samidoh.

She chose a pricey bottle of booze, Louis XIII, a renowned Remy Martin cognac.

Nyamu proudly told the store clerk that she wanted the most expensive one, displaying her desire to make the occasion memorable.

She paid a total of Sh420,000 with her credit card and even photographed the bottle to demonstrate her thoughtful gesture.

The gesture sparked intrigue on social media, where netizens criticized citing that it was unnecessary.

The incident came a few hours after she was spotted at the Karen Hospital Heart to Heart run, holding hands with a mysterious man.

However, Nyamu clarified that there was nothing wrong with doing that a public event.

Although Samidoh has never publicly declared himself a polygamous man, his commitment to fatherhood is evident through his interactions with his children.

His social media accounts provide glimpses into the loving bond he shares with all five of his kids.

Karen Nyamu, in a previous radio interview, described Samidoh as a caring and devoted father who consistently provides for and supports their children, despite any differences they may have.

Karen Nyamu gifts Samidoh Sh420K alcohol drink on Father's Day
Karen Nyamu gifts Samidoh Sh420K alcohol drink on Father’s Day

She also mentioned his active involvement in their education, emphasizing his commitment to their overall well-being.

While it remains uncertain if Karen Nyamu’s children have met or interacted with Edday Nderitu’s children as step-siblings, Samidoh’s dedication to all his children is unwavering.

Karen Nyamu and Samidoh’s relationship has been a subject of public scrutiny, but their co-parenting dynamics highlight their mutual focus on their children’s happiness and growth.

Regardless of any personal differences, they prioritize providing a loving and supportive environment for their kids.