Why Khaligraph Jones and Bahati Are More Successful than Willy Paul.

An entertainment critic known as Sabato Sabato, or popularly referred to as ‘Sauti kwa ground,’ has openly shared his views on why Khaligraph Jones and Bahati have achieved more success in music and life compared to Willy Paul, despite all of them being well-known celebrities.

During an interview with Plug TV, Sabato emphasized that the secret behind the success of Bahati and Khaligraph Jones lies in their management. Both celebrities have had solid management teams and have rarely changed their management personnel.

Sabato began by discussing Bahati’s journey. He highlighted the significant role played by Kioko, a member of Bahati’s management, in his success. Starting from humble beginnings in Mathare, Bahati now owns a mansion and a fleet of cars, including a Toyota Prado and two Mercedes Benz vehicles. Additionally, he has embraced fatherhood, raising four children. Bahati’s wife, Diana Marua, has also experienced personal growth, securing lucrative brand ambassadorial roles. The couple’s success can be attributed to their management, which has effectively built their brand, resulting in substantial earnings from endorsements.

Moving on to Khaligraph Jones, Sabato praised Francis, Khaligraph’s official manager, for enabling the rapper to reap great rewards from his music. Francis has been with Khaligraph since 2008 when the artist was still struggling in the streets of Kayole. Under the guidance of Blue Ink management, led by Francis, Khaligraph has thrived financially, working with prestigious brands such as Monster Energy, an international brand. Khaligraph enjoys success in his personal life as well, being married and a father of three. He drives a Lexus LX 570 valued at Ksh. 18 million and possesses a fleet of cars. Currently, he is constructing an expensive mansion in the upscale suburb of Karen. Additionally, Khaligraph owns a studio in Kilimani, a prestigious neighborhood.

In contrast, Willy Paul’s fortunes took a downturn after he parted ways with his manager. Poor decision-making led him into various scandals, hampering his ability to secure brand deals. According to Sabato, Willy Paul is undeniably talented, but he has not yet achieved the level of success he should have due to the absence of proper management.

Sabato explained that Willy Paul’s struggle stems from the lack of brand deals resulting from inadequate management. Willy Paul predominantly promotes his shows through Instagram, lacking the backing of professional management. Furthermore, all his dancers left him due to poor management practices. Despite owning two Mercedes Benz vehicles, this level of success does not befit an artist as talented as Willy Paul.

Sabato firmly believes that once an artist parts ways with their manager, things start to go downhill. He predicted a similar fate for Otile Brown, stating that within two years, the artist will become irrelevant in the Kenyan music industry. Sabato attributed this downfall to Otile Brown’s separation from his manager, Noriega, the person responsible for shaping his career.