Kenya’s Prophet Dr. David Owuor Brings India to a Standstill, Heals a Huge Number of Cripples and Disabled

Prophet David Edward Owuor, the leader of the Repentance and Holiness Ministry, recently embarked on a transformative mission in India, responding to the invitation extended by the Mumbai Pastors Fellowship.

Commencing on January 5th, the mission unfolded with awe-inspiring healings and garnered an enthusiastic response from the Indian community.

Bishop Stephen Gandhi, President of the Mumbai Pastors Fellowship, expressed his profound satisfaction with the mission, characterizing it as an unequivocal success that left an enduring impact on the people.

“The mission has undeniably achieved remarkable success. Unprecedented healings, including those of the crippled, blind, and deaf, among other conditions, have taken place in India,” he remarked.

A noteworthy facet of the mission was the fulfillment of a promise made by Prophet Owuor two years prior. Assuring the organizers that a divine manifestation of rain would occur upon his arrival in India, the prophet’s words proved true, with heavy rainfall gracing the conference despite it being the typically dry season in January.

“January is typically a dry season in India as the monsoon winds retreat, leaving the land devoid of moisture. The heavy rain witnessed upon the Man of God’s arrival seems like a script straight from the Bible during the Days of Elijah,” Bishop Gandhi noted.

Inspired by the success of the recent mission, the Mumbai Pastors Fellowship has extended an invitation to Prophet Owuor for a million-strong revival crusade in India. The objective is to spark a spiritual awakening across the nation, building on the momentum generated by the healing and revival mission.

The pinnacle of the mission occurred during a special ceremony at the Embassy of Israel in India, where the Ambassador of Israel to India, Naor Gilon, bestowed upon Prophet Owuor the prestigious Shalom Peace Award.

Before concluding his visit and returning to Kenya on Monday, January 15th, Prophet Owuor is scheduled to meet with India’s government officials. The recognition and honors conferred upon him during this mission underscore the profound impact of his ministry, transcending national borders.