Meet 123-year-old virgin Hoping to find her Mr. Right (Video)

An astounding revelation has captivated many as an elderly woman hailing from Rwanda shared her astonishing tale of remaining a virgin at the remarkable age of 123 years.

Theresie Nyirakajumba, in an exclusive interview with Afrimax, disclosed that she has never experienced the sight of a naked man nor has she ever been intimately touched by one. She firmly maintains her virginity and holds onto the hope of encountering her ideal partner before her journey comes to an end.

According to Theresie’s account, she grew up in a household where discussing matters concerning boys was strictly taboo. She diligently adhered to the cultural teachings instilled in her, and when she reached the age deemed suitable for marriage, her family even initiated the search for prospective suitors on her behalf. Remarkably, she asserts that she never developed any affectionate feelings towards any man and instead preferred a life of solitude.

“People often inquire about love and relationships, wondering how I have managed to traverse this lengthy existence without a boyfriend or lover. Well, my story is rather peculiar,” she expressed during the interview. “Yes, without a doubt, I am still a virgin… I contemplated the idea during my time, but I could never bring myself to wed,” she added.

Theresie Nyirakajumba attributed her strong aversion to men, deeply rooted in her upbringing, as the primary reason for her lack of interaction with them. She claims that her advanced age posed challenges in attracting suitors when she eventually desired to seek love. Nevertheless, she remains resolute in her pursuit of true companionship and firmly believes that her ideal partner, Mr. Right, is yet to cross her path.

“If a man were to present himself, I would be open to exploring the possibilities,” Theresie states optimistically. Undeterred by her current state of unemployment and living alone, she fears that her aging abode may crumble soon. Loneliness occasionally drives her to endure days without sustenance and wrestle with the hardships of survival.

Theresie Nyirakajumba’s extraordinary tale serves as a reminder of the diverse paths life can take, even in matters of love and relationships. Her unwavering spirit and determination to find companionship in the twilight years of her life resonate deeply, inspiring those who hear her story.