I’m under pressure: Mungai Eve Now says,after her YouTube channel hit 50k subscribers

Mungai Eve is currently navigating the challenges of managing her newfound success on her YouTube channel, Mungai Eve Media, which rapidly amassed 50,000 subscribers since its recent launch. The content creator, who recently parted ways with video director Trevor, shared her sentiments about the current situation in a recent interview with The Nairobian.

Expressing a sense of unease, Eve acknowledged the pressure she is currently facing, stating, “I will do the interview later, my dear. I’m under pressure right now.”

Eve Mungai, in announcing her return to the digital scene, positioned this move as the beginning of a new chapter in her career. In a statement shared across her social media platforms, she teased a revitalized Mungai Eve, promising authentic storytelling, empowering messages, and a positive impact on her audience.

“Get ready for a fresh start and lots of inspiration! We are excited to unveil an enhanced Mungai Eve, bursting with authentic storytelling, empowering messages, and making a positive impact on your world,” she declared.

As she invites her audience to join her on this new journey, Eve emphasizes the exploration of the human experience, celebration of diversity, and the ignition of positive change. The statement concludes with a warm welcome to the audience into the new era of Mungai Eve, now under the moniker Mungai Eve Media.

This reinvention comes on the heels of Trevor’s announcement, confirming the end of his collaboration with Mungai Eve. In this revelation, Trevor disclosed that the two are no longer a couple, and as a result, Eve will cease to contribute content to their joint accounts. Alongside this, they have rebranded their Facebook and YouTube pages to reflect the changing dynamics in their professional relationship.