SIJUI NIFANYE NINI : My husband has kept his 'Mpango wa Kando' and two children hidden for 10 years -

SIJUI NIFANYE NINI : My husband has kept his ‘Mpango wa Kando’ and two children hidden for 10 years

One lady by the name Dianas Kamande turned to lament about her marriage of 10 years, that instead of giving her joy like for the rest of her colleagues, only resulted to pain and regret on the day she supposedly ought to have had the fun of celebrating the anniversary of the union

Speaking to KTN about the ‘What’s Your Story’ segment, Dianas narrated how she met caring and loving man whom she couldn’t get off her mind and decided to tie the knot with him only to later on realize that, the man coincidentally had been proposing to another differen lady in a move to marry her.

Soon after their marriage lasted for ten years, Dianas said that her husband changed only to begin abusing her physically and emotionally, before arrogantly disclosing his other lady and this took the toll on her to chat her position on their marriage. Dianas further narrated that it’s at that time that reality hit her really hard.

And while going through the difficult period an equally relent full Dianas stated that the times really changed her, and made her realize on an uncountable number of women who probably were going through the same thing. She made admittance to the incident changing her mind on gender based violence.