“Nimekutumia results upee babako anilipie college” – Trio Mio tells fan asking for KCSE results

Rap artiste Trio Mio has continued to play hide and seek game with his fans who are more interested in knowing his KCSE results.

There are those who said he had scored D+, while others a E, while others claimed, he passed well.

However, the talented artist seems unbothered with what Kenyans think as he is busy minding own businesses.

“Congratulations to Kenyan rapper Trio Mio for getting an A- of 83 points in the 2022 Kenya Certificate of Secondary Examination. Those that wished you fail in your KCSE exams will be ashamed forever,” he said.

A creepy fan commented saying, he was playing mind games.

“Hii mchezo tunaijua, sema grade ulipata.”

Trio replied harshly, telling him: “We mzee cheki Dm nimekutumia result slip upee babako anilipie college.”

Trio Mio mother speaks

His mother Irma Sakwa has refuted social media claims that his son attained mean grade D in the just released 2022 KCSE results.

Taking to her official Instagram account, Sakwa said Trio Mio did his best, and she is proud of him.

“The boy did his best and I am very proud of him. And those speculating a D….poleni!” she said.

Sakwa did not, however, disclose the mean grade the rap music genius attained in the exams.

She said she hasn’t had peace of mind since Education CS Ezekiel Machogu announced the results as her pages have been ablaze, with people asking about the son’s grade.

“Kooo sasa sitabreathe coz KCSE results zimetoka? Tulieni,” she said.

The artiste has been trending for the better part of the day as netizens speculated what Trio might have scored.

Politician Alinur Mohamed shared unverified tweet of Trio’s grade, saying the artiste had scored a mean grade of A- of 83 points.