Irene Nekesa: Diana Marua’s Nanny Ranked as the Highest Paid Nanny In Kenya , She’s Paid Ksh 100K and Drives Mercedez Benz

Yes, you’ve read the title correctly: the Bahati family pays their housemaid, Irine Nekesa, a staggering Ksh 100,000 monthly – potentially more than the hard-earned salaries of some white-collar professionals. Irine, who primarily undertakes household chores, finds herself smiling all the way to the bank with this generous compensation.

In an interview with NTV, Irine shared how the Bahatis have opened significant doors for her, both socially and financially. Nairobi Gossip Club even featured this revelation on their Instagram page. Irine leverages her social media presence as a side hustle, complementing her already substantial monthly income of Ksh 100,000.

Known for her infectious laughter and warm smile, Irine made her debut in the social media scene through her employer, Diana B. She frequently appeared in the family’s videos on various platforms, surprising many with the evident strong bond she shared with the Bahati family.

Irene Nekesa, often seen in staged videos, including the family’s elaborate gift exchanges that some believe to be orchestrated, stands out as an example of an employee who has become an integral part of the family. Having lived with the Bahatis for five years, she has forged a deep connection with the entire family, including the children.

Diana Bahati openly expresses her admiration for Irene, emphasizing her love, trust, and describing her as a heaven-sent blessing. In various instances, Diana has conveyed her sentiment towards their house manager, highlighting the exceptional relationship they share.

During the interview, Irene disclosed that her employers motivate her to strive harder and have introduced her to lucrative opportunities. She has also been an active participant in the family’s vacations and outings, further solidifying her position as an extended member of the Bahati household.