Murang'a University Female Student Works as Mama Fua, Security Guard to Pay fees
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Murang’a University Female Student Works as Mama Fua, Security Guard to Pay fees

A female student from Murang’a University has stated how she shuffles schoolwork, doing laundry and cleaning by the day and working as a security officer by night to afford her to pay her school fees.

Mary Kinuthia, a final year student who is doing criminology and security studies degree has no option but to take up odd jobs to keep up with her college fees and expenses.

Addressing Daily Nation, the student said she had tried doing business after joining campus and she would sell beauty items to her classmates on and off campus.

when COVID-19 struck the nation, and the clouser of schools that followed, she needed to search for an alternative job for survival.

Thats when she joined a security firm to fill in as a security guard at the Murang’a Level 5 Hospital.

“When schools opened, I shifted my shift to night so that I could take my classes during the day,” she said.

Other than filling in as a guard, the young woman also does laundry for a fee and on other days, she functions as a cleaning lady alias mama fua.

“When I do not have classes during the day, I always do laundry and make KSh 300 and on days when I do not have clients I do cleaning in plots and make the same amount of money,” she said.

She said however shuffling her distinctive jobs can be challenging, she stays perky in since she doesn’t use unconventional means to get money for survival.