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Wonders! Guy who was set to be Buried found in front of the mortuary Gate chilling

A startling incident has recently dominated social media discussions, capturing a bizarre moment where a 17-year-old boy, slated for burial, was observed seated outside the mortuary. The circumstances leading to this unusual occurrence unfolded when the teenager tragically drowned in a swimming pool at a well-known hotel.

According to an account from an eyewitness named “Cameroon,” who shared a video on his TikTok account, the family was preparing to lay the boy to rest when, unexpectedly, his lifeless body was discovered seated in a white chair just a short distance from the mortuary.

The video, now circulating widely on social media, has triggered a diverse range of reactions from users. Some speculate that the undertakers deliberately dressed and positioned the deceased young man outside the mortuary to create a sensation. Conversely, there are individuals who assert that the boy is still alive and not deceased. This peculiar incident has ignited a flurry of discussions and debates across various online platforms.