“Niliskia aibu Sana.” Nyako Speaks of her Leaked Cow leg size ROSECOCO video

TikTok sensation Nyako recently made a shocking discovery involving her TikTok partner, widely known as “Big Daddy,” who allegedly leaked private videos of her onto the internet.

This revelation has deeply affected Nyako, causing her to experience seasonal affective disorder. In a heartfelt plea, she is urging her followers to refrain from spreading the leaked content.

Nyako, upon learning that her intimate videos had gone viral on social media, promptly addressed the situation on various platforms.

“I am owning up to my leaked intimate video. I take full responsibility for my actions. I don’t seek sympathy. I will face this shame and overcome it,” Nyako expressed tearfully during her statement.

On TikTok, Nyako expressed profound remorse for the repercussions of consenting to Big Daddy filming an intimate moment, only to have him allegedly distribute the videos online.

She passionately implored Kenyans and her followers to avoid sharing the leaked explicit content, emphasizing the potential harm it could cause to her son.

“Whoever is sharing these videos, please ensure they do not reach my children. They could be seen by anyone, even my brothers, but I beg you, do not let them reach my children,” Nyako pleaded with her online audience.

The alleged release of Nyako’s sexual video has sparked a new wave of controversy online, once again uniting Kenyans in yet another leaked video scandal.