How Cosmas Korir  KSh208 Million SportPesa Jackpot Winner Invested His JACKPOT Money

The fickle nature of luck rarely favors the same person twice, particularly in the realm of gambling. In 2018, Cosmas Korir, a 36-year-old man, experienced a life-changing moment when he discovered that he had clinched the kes208 million SportPesa mega jackpot. Fully aware that such windfalls are not an everyday occurrence, Korir recognized the importance of making prudent investments with his newfound fortune.

Korir recounted the moment he received the life-altering news in an interview on Nation’s YouTube channel titled ‘The Gamblers Paradise.’ While en route to West Pokot, he received a call from a SportPesa representative and later from the CEO, Ronald Karauri, confirming his jackpot victory.

“The caller on the line announced to me that I was the mega jackpot winner. I stopped my car to digest the information I had been given. Initially, as we placed our bets, we promised each other to share the prize money. I will still do the same for my friends who assisted me in the selection of teams,” he shared.

Upon securing his financial windfall, Korir made strategic decisions to ensure a secure future. His initial acquisition was a Toyota Landcruiser equipped with a V8 engine, a purchase he deemed practical and beneficial.

  1. Investing in Real Estate:
  • Korir allocated Sh50 million to purchase a flat in Kitengela from a friend, aptly naming it KK. With an estimated monthly rental income of Sh570,000 when fully occupied, this investment marked a significant step in securing a steady revenue stream.
  • He further invested Sh65 million in a second flat within the same neighborhood, boasting 96 rooms, including 25 one-bedroom houses and 71 bedsitters. This property generates an estimated monthly rental revenue of Sh820,000 when fully occupied.
  1. House Completion in Bomet:
  • Allocating kes2 million, Korir resumed the construction of his Bomet rural house, which had been halted due to a lack of funds. Additionally, he settled a kes3.5 million loan taken to finance the property.
  1. Financial Prudence:
  • Amidst a deluge of financial advice, Korir decided to set aside Sh130 million in a fixed deposit account. This move aimed to provide him with the time and clarity to assess various investment alternatives rationally.
  1. Generosity to Friends:
  • Remaining true to his initial commitment to share the wealth, Korir generously gifted kes5 million to each of his two friends who had collaborated with him in the betting endeavor. This act of gratitude fulfilled a wager made among friends, reinforcing the bonds of camaraderie.
  1. Establishing Family Home in Eldoret:
  • Demonstrating a commitment to family, Korir purchased a house in Eldoret for his wife and three children, solidifying a foundation for their future.

Cosmas Korir’s journey from jackpot winner to strategic investor exemplifies a thoughtful approach to financial windfalls, ensuring a lasting legacy for himself and those he holds dear.