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William Kabogo Insults Youth Disrupting His Rally In Kiambu.

DP Ruto and his Kenya Kwanza allied leaders had pitched camp in Kiambu County where they were wooing voters to their camp ahead of the August General Elections.

The faction had rounded the larger Kiambu parts of Limuru, Kikuyu and Kiambaa in a bid to popularise their various bids in the vote rich region.

At Kikuyu, DP Ruto invited former Kiambu Governor, William Kabogo to make his brief speech to the crowd.

As he was addressing them, a section of rowdy youths interrupted him as chaos escalated prompting the Tujibebe Party Leader to loss his cool.

Kabogo angrly insulted the youths heckling him where he called them ‘wapumbavu‘ which translates to fools.

If you have been sent here to cause chaos, just know we are peaceful people. If you are the one who has paid the youth to disrupt our rally, go die. Kenya belongs to all of us,

said Kabogo.

” I am not a prophet or a witch but I have seen Ruto will win the elections,” he added.