‘Nimebaki na God na Wifi’ Brian Chira on being deserted by ‘friends’

Comedian Obinna recounted how Brian Chira approached him for an interview on his blog to discuss the challenges he was grappling with.

Recently, TikToker Brian Chira has expressed a sense of isolation, claiming that all his friends have abandoned him. In a somewhat humorous twist, he humorously remarked that only God and his Wi-Fi connection remain unwavering constants in his life. This situation unfolded following a series of live broadcasts on his social media platforms, during which he inadvertently exposed himself.

Comedian Obinna shed light on the fact that Brian Chira had sought him out for his blog to confide in him about the difficulties he was experiencing.

Chira opened up about his predicament, stating, “My friends have left me to fend for myself. Many times, it’s just me, God, and my phone in my house. I find solace in prayer and reaching out to my phone when sleep overcomes me.”

Brian Chira took the opportunity to extend his heartfelt apologies to his followers and fellow bloggers who had contributed to his online reputation, despite his regrettable actions. He acknowledged his errors and expressed his desire to reconcile with his friends, as he often grapples with loneliness.

During the interview, the TikToker also admitted that alcoholism had played a role in the pain that had alienated his fellow bloggers. However, he earnestly pleaded for their forgiveness and reassured them of his readiness to embark on a path of positive change.