‘Almasi’ Ian Nene: Ex-Machachari Actor Who Rose To Become A Hindu Teacher

Ian Nene, widely known as Almasi, gained popularity as a Kenyan actor through his role in the widely-watched Citizen TV drama series, Machachari. The show revolved around the lives of children residing in the ghetto, who formed unlikely friendships with those from privileged backgrounds.

However, as the cast members grew older, Machachari eventually reached its conclusion and was canceled due to the actors outgrowing their roles.

Despite departing from the show early, Ian managed to remain in the public eye for various reasons, including his unique fashion choices, religious beliefs, and his sexuality, which faced scrutiny. Muranganews has compiled information on this subject.

After leaving Machachari, Ian chose to maintain a low-key profile until he relocated to the United Kingdom to pursue further studies. It was during this time that he reemerged with eccentric outfits and engaged in activities that eventually led to his association with the LGBTQ community.

Initially, Ian denied claims about his sexual orientation, asserting that he was merely a young man on a journey of self-discovery. However, in 2021, he introduced a man as his boyfriend, effectively confirming his identification as gay.

Moreover, Ian underwent a religious transformation, transitioning from Christianity to Hinduism. In an interview with YouTube personality Shivani Pau, he revealed that this change was motivated by his mother’s breast cancer diagnosis.

Ian explained that his curiosity about religion often left him with unanswered questions. He shared an anecdote about a friend, who happened to be a monk, introducing him to Hinduism.

“One day, while we were casually hanging out and getting high, he handed me a book. He mentioned he was a monk, but I didn’t comprehend it fully. He said that reading the book would lead to some realizations,” Ian recounted.

As fate would have it, Ian returned to Kenya to find out that his mother had been diagnosed with stage four cancer. This devastating news plunged him into depression, and he turned to marijuana in an attempt to cope.

During this difficult period, he began questioning why his mother, who selflessly served and assisted others in the community, had to suffer. Ian expressed his anguish, asking, “If you truly exist, why do you allow bad things to happen to good people?”

It was around this time that Ian made the decision to embrace Hinduism. He was invited to a temple, where he received satisfactory and scientific answers to his deep and technical inquiries about God’s influence on the world. Consequently, he adopted a vegetarian lifestyle and dedicated significant time to the temple, especially during holidays, once he returned to the UK after completing his studies.

Raised in a Catholic household, Ian faced disapproval from his family and those around him due to his religious shift. He vividly recalled his mother’s reaction upon discovering his temple visits, exclaiming, “Oh my God, have these people brainwashed you? They’re changing my son.”

In July 2022, Almasi took to his social media platforms to announce his official joining of the Hari Krishna movement. This formal acceptance followed over a year after he had become a Hindu teacher.

Ian Nene’s journey has been marked by transitions in his career, fashion choices, religion, and the public’s perception of his sexuality. Through his experiences, he has encountered challenges and personal growth, shaping his identity and guiding him towards new paths.