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“CBC Children Are The Happiest” Primary Schools Headteachers’ Association Chairman Says

The Competency Based Curriculum or otherwise known as CBC, was introduced a few months ago, to replace the now to be defunct, 8-4-4 system.

The new curriculum has faced a lot of hurdles as parents and some teachers all fight to eliminate it.

The President of Law Society of Kenya, Nelson Havi has even moved to court in a bid to stop the implementation of the new curriculum.

This morning, the Kenya Primary Schools Headteachers’ Association Chairman Nzioka, says that this is the best curriculum introduced to Kenya.

The Chairman says that children under the Competency Based Curriculum are the happiest since they are not bothered by exams and assessments.

It’s unclear how parents will take this latest statement from the chairman of the Headteachers’ Association

“CBC children are the happiest in Kenya as they are not stressed by exams and the assessments given are friendlier.” Says KEPSHA Chairman, Nzioka.

Many parents complain of the many tasks that the children are given to accomplish with their parents.

However, the abolition of national exams that have caused havoc through the years could be one of the special things about this Competency Based Curriculum Implementation.

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