Moi Grandson Toroitich Sued for Ksh1m Monthly Child Upkeep
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Moi Grandson Toroitich Sued for Ksh1m Monthly Child Upkeep

Collins Toroitich, the grandson of former President Daniel Moi, has been accused of neglecting his two children, aged eleven and nine years.

The kids’ mom, Ms Gladys Jeruto Tagi, affirms that Toroitich abandoned the kids and fled his parental duties.

Suit papers say Toroitich wedded the Baringo-based politician in 2008 but later divorced in 2012, with Toroitich supposedly leaving all duties to Ms Tagi.

In her application, the previous MCA hopeful claims Toroitich has never assumed liability for the kids despite being a well-off businessman.

Tagi disclosed to Principal Magistrate Benjamin Limo she has everything to contact Toroitich to help his kids yet he has has not assisted in any way.

Tagi, who unsuccessfully vied for the Koibatek County Assembly seat on a Kanu ticket in 2017, is seeking Ksh1 million per month to cater for food, rent, education, entertainment, and maintenance.

Toroitich is the child of former President Daniel Moi’s oldest son, the late Jonathan Toroitich.

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