“I am righteous in Christ, not because of what I have done,” Karen Nyamu speaks out

This morning, the nominated senator Karen Nyamu conveyed a powerful message regarding her Christian faith through an Instagram post. In her post, she affirmed her belief that she is justified in Christ, not because of her own actions, but due to the redemptive work of Christ. Alongside her message, she shared a photograph taken during her participation in the Senate committee on ICT, where she was involved in the launch of free Wi-Fi hotspots at the Lodwar police station, Lodwar referral hospital, and Lodwar livestock and fresh produce market.

In her message, she expressed gratitude to God, acknowledging that her righteousness in Christ is a divine gift that she wholeheartedly receives. Her heartfelt “Amen 🤗💃🏼” signified her firm faith in this truth.

This proclamation is particularly intriguing, considering the ongoing scrutiny of Nyamu’s Christian faith, especially in light of her relationship with the Mugithi musician, which began while he was still married. Nyamu and her child’s father, Samidoh, have garnered widespread attention on the internet since the singer’s wife, Edday Nderitu, publicly revealed that she was not in a polygamous marriage and had left her husband for the politician.

Edday, who currently resides in the USA, clarified several aspects of her situation in a social media post. She emphasized that she was not part of a polygamous marriage, having chosen to depart from her husband for reasons related to her well-being and that of her children, particularly her teenage daughter who had been exposed to distressing behavior in their previous environment. Edday also noted her ability to provide for her children independently without regrets.

Regarding communication and video calls, she alluded to a situation without delving into details, asserting her desire for a peaceful life in this new chapter. She expressed hope that her name would be left out of future episodes in this ongoing series of events.