Kipchoge keino: From Milk Seller To Millionaire , List Of Properties And Businesses.

World-renowned marathon runner and defending London Marathon champion, Mr. Eliud Kipchoge, has opened up about the struggles of his mother as a single parent. The 38-year-old marathoner, who never met his father who passed away when he was young, shared that he only knew of him through an old photograph.

Despite this difficult upbringing, Kipchoge has gone on to achieve great success in the marathon world. His most recent victory in the 2022 London Marathon is just one of many in his career. In recognition of his achievements, Isuzu, the automobile company, gifted him with an Isuzu Dmax. Additionally, INEOS, the company he runs under, awarded him with two additional double-cabin Isuzu Dmax cars.

Kipchoge, who was raised and educated in the Kapsisiywa area, places a great importance on staying connected to his roots. His home, which he describes as a palace fit for a king, is located in the town of Kapsisiywa in the county of Narok.

In addition to his athletic successes, Kipchoge has also been able to secure a number of lucrative sponsorship deals. From Nike and Ncc, to the limited-edition Isuzu Dmax launched in his honor, the athlete has amassed a significant amount of wealth. His contract with adidas, which was recently made public, reveals that the company pays him around 3.5 million Kenyan shillings each month in exchange for his participation in races.

After winning the London Marathon, Kipchoge earned a total of 13 million Kenyan shillings ($355,000) for winning the race and another $3.5 million for setting a new world record. INEOS also awarded him an additional 38.5 million Kenyan shillings for his victory and another 78.5 million for finishing the race in under two hours.