19-Year-Old Girl, First-Year Student, Kills Herself After Being Dumped by Boyfriend

Authorities in Kericho County are currently investigating the tragic demise of a 19-year-old who was discovered lifeless within her family’s premises.

The young woman purportedly took her own life following reports of a breakup with her boyfriend. However, law enforcement officials present at the scene have emphasized that inquiries are ongoing to ascertain the precise motive, given the absence of a suicide note.

Initial investigations have unveiled that the deceased, who was nine months pregnant, was grappling with profound anguish subsequent to the breakup.

The distressing discovery was made in the morning by the victim’s mother, who arose early for Easter family festivities. Her anguished cries alerted relatives and neighbors, who hastened to aid the student, though tragically, she had already succumbed.

Promptly notified, authorities from Kericho Police Station promptly responded to the distress call. The deceased’s body was subsequently conveyed to the mortuary at Kericho Referral Hospital.

This incident underscores the concerning trend of young individuals resorting to drastic measures due to relationship turmoil.

Statistics from the World Health Organization indicate a pronounced disparity in suicide rates between genders in Kenya, with men exhibiting a fourfold higher rate over the past two decades. Contributing factors to this alarming surge encompass depression, mental health conditions, fractured relationships, economic adversity, and social isolation, among others.

In light of these distressing trends, advocates for human rights advocate for the implementation of mental wellness initiatives within educational institutions, particularly universities, to mitigate the escalating incidence of youth suicides.