Boko Haram Leader, Abakar Shekau Allegedly Blows Himself Up.

The leader of the Islamic group was reportedly dead according to the Islamic State West African Province (ISWAP) through an audio obtained by Reuters on Sunday, June 6.

It is reported that Shekau died around May 18 after he detonated a bomb after being pursued by ISWAP army following a battle.

“He killed himself instantly by detonating an explosive,” a voice believed to be that of Iswap leader Abu Musab al-Barnawi said in the recording that has gone viral.

According to to families, the recording was that of an ISWAP leader identified as Abu Musab al-Barnawi.

Shekau preferred to be humiliated in the afterlife than getting humiliated on earth,” the voice went on.

However,neither the Boko Haram nor the Nigerian government has confirmed his death.

Shekau is said to have took over leadership of the terror group in 2009 after the death of its former leader who passed away in police custody.

According to reports, since Shekau took over, more than 30,000 individuals have been killed with over a million being displaced.