“Ni mapenzi ya Mungu” – Catholic priest weds lover in beautiful ceremony

Yesterday, a unique wedding event unfolded, captivating the attendees as an ordained Catholic priest celebrated his nuptials after transitioning to the Catholic Charismatic Church, a Roman Catholic splinter group.

The ceremony united Reverend Father Edwin Gathang’i Waiguru in matrimony with Margaret Wanjira Githui in a vibrant and memorable celebration that took place at Michael’s Pot Gardens in Ikinu Githunguri on a sunny Sunday.

The wedding drew a sizable gathering of the couple’s friends and family, all eager to witness this unconventional union. Notably, the same day saw Father Waiguru’s reordination as a Roman Catholic priest, marking a significant juncture in his spiritual journey.

Father Waiguru shared that his path to this extraordinary day began when he was dispatched to spread the faith in North and South America. It was during this mission that he sensed a profound desire to marry and establish a family of his own. Upon returning to Kenya, he resolved to formalize his commitment through a traditional wedding ceremony, from which the couple was subsequently blessed with two children.

This remarkable priest was reordained as a Charismatic priest, concurrently consecrating his marital bond. In doing so, he affirmed that he had come full circle in answering his priestly calling.

Expressing his joy and love, Father Waiguru spoke warmly to his wife, vowing to love and cherish her always.

The ordination ceremony was presided over by Bishop Patrick Mulau of the Kirinyaga Charismatic Church. He highlighted that while his church remains rooted in Roman Catholicism, the key distinction lies in the treatment of marriage, where priests from his denomination are allowed to marry.