A lady says she felt cursed as a series of miscarriages had been hindering her from being called mum

It’s such a blessing for any married couples to welcome a child into their marriage. Things brings
happinessbinds, love and affection to the involved marriage. In some cases, disasters such as
miscarriages tends to prevent people from the pleasure of being called parents. Rose(not her
real name) was in marriage for five years. She truly valued her husband and love and respect
had been their secret to a five year old marriage. However despite being in marriage for all this
time, they had not been blessed with a child due to a series of miscarriages that Rose had been
She said her first miscarriage occurred when she was five months pregnant just after they had
got into marriage. The condition affected her and her husband as he said they even never
thought of having a child. But that did not mean that it was the end of their love to each other.
That was a painful history to them but the same situation happened after a year as she
miscarried for the second time and this time round things were different as her husband
wanted her out of the marriage as he saw her as the barricade and the reason of miscarriages.
She said that convinced her husband and they the marriage was on but still in the fourth year
she miscarriage when she was one month pregnant. It was indeed a sad situation to them. This
time round her husband accepted and decided to live with the condition that he would never
be called father. She says her husband was at this time supporting her. Her husband was the
one who connected her to this man Dr Mugwenu. She says she met Dr Mugwenu in person for
the spells as she read all the his articles on the website on how this man had helped a lot of

women with the same problem to end this miserable spell. Dr Mugwenu told her that he
exercises doctor-patient confidentiality and neither her files, records nor identity would be
shared to a third party nor made public unless on her own volition if she decided to give a
testimony. She was offered some spells and given some herbs to take which would change her
situation. Angela said she became pregnant one more time and she never experienced any
form of miscarriage or pregnancy complication as Dr Mugwenu had really solved everything.
She delivered her first child in marriage after five year of yearning to get a child.

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