Kenyan Singer Michael Bundi and His Son Fayez Set to Perform in Zambia -

Kenyan Singer Michael Bundi and His Son Fayez Set to Perform in Zambia

Kenya’s formidable musical duo, Michael Bundi and his son Fayez, are poised to showcase their talent on an international stage. They recently announced their upcoming performance scheduled for the 30th of September in Zambia.

This father-son musical tandem is set to deliver a live performance in the vibrant city of Lusaka, Zambia. Michael Bundi, a distinguished artist who earned a Grammy Awards nomination in 2019, is renowned for his remarkable reggae renditions of both local and global hits. He has not only nurtured his musical talents but has also molded his son Fayez into an integral part of their inseparable duo.

The genesis of Fayez’s musical journey can be traced back to when he was a mere two years old. Remarkably, at such a tender age, Fayez displayed extraordinary musical aptitude. He would skillfully drum along to songs, sing in perfect pitch and key, all while grappling with the challenges of articulating words properly.

One of their standout achievements came with their rendition of Jamaican reggae sensation Chronnixx’s track, “Dreadlocks,” which quickly went viral. Within a matter of hours, their rendition had amassed an impressive 50,000 views, sparking widespread sharing and recognition.

Singing alongside his son has been a profoundly rewarding experience for Michael Bundi, opening numerous doors of success for their family. In a prior interview, he attested to the incredible opportunities and achievements their collaboration has brought their way.

Notably, last year, their TikTok account emerged as the most-viewed in Kenya, underscoring the broad appeal and impact of their musical artistry within the digital realm.