” Nataka Kudara Kipara Ya Kibe” Ssaru Responds After Andrew Kibe said That She is His Type.

Renowned female rapper Sylvia Ssaru recently took a bold stand against social media critic Andrew Kibe, responding to his video where he expressed explicit desires towards her and detailed how he could dominate her in intimate encounters.

Kibe openly declared that Sylvia Ssaru is the type of woman he desires, emphasizing that if given the opportunity to indulge in a romantic encounter with her, he would make the most of it. Using explicit language, he described how he would dominate Ssaru in the bedroom, praising her physique and expressing optimism about spending time together in the future.

In a subsequent interview with an online media outlet, Sylvia Ssaru decided to address Kibe’s comments in a defiant manner. While acknowledging her appreciation for Kibe’s content, she urged him to refrain from using her as an example too frequently.

When it came to Kibe’s provocative remarks about intimate encounters, Ssaru responded with a touch of humor and conditions. She expressed readiness to witness Kibe’s bedroom skills, but under specific terms. Firstly, she insisted that Kibe remove his glasses for direct eye contact, and secondly, she requested him to take off his cap so that she could feel his baldness.

” Nataka kuambia kibe atoe hizo miwani tuhave eye contact, then atoe kofia nishike io upara yake, nataka Kudara hio kipara yake” Sylvia Ssaru humorously remarked.

It’s evident that the artist is open to engaging with Andrew Kibe, but the challenge lies in the geographical distance, as Kibe is currently based in the United States and shows no signs of returning soon. Despite the distance, Kibe has consistently shown interest in Sylvia Ssaru during his live sessions.